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Precious Metals
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Precious metals are rare, naturally shaped metal chemical elements which attract high economic value. Chemically, precious metals are less interactive elements than other elements, yet more glamorous, supple and flexible. The melting point of these metals is higher than other metals. Historically, precious metals were used as currencies. In today's markets they have become an investment tool and a vital means for hedging against the global economic crisis. The most important precious metals which are traded are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Goldenzone presents a customized electronic bullion store and a secured bullion trading platform which facilitates the highly convenient sale and purchase of gold and precious metals, around the clock (24 /5), at very attractive spot market prices, with the option of physical delivery to your doorstep. Coupled with additional conveniences like free of cost storage and insurance, we trade in all denominations, starting with 1 gram up to 1 Kg and become your gateway to a secure and rewarding investment account.