About us

Know about our company.

Alfa Gold Jewellery Co. is Kuwait base establishment which is located at central gold market at Kuwait city , the company is using technology to help our client for their day to day gold business , also to help customer to buy gold bars and deliver the same to their required location. Quality products are one of our top priorities. Alfa Gold works directly with main suppliers and distributors, and we inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the products our customers receive are of the highest quality.

By this the company is launching a website for the company to effectively facilitate the gold's selling and buying operations for its esteemed clients, since the client will be able to open an account through which it can actively buy and sell gold without any margins or credits and as per the Islamic Methods and the service of gold's delivery which is actually owned by the client shall be available during the company's official working hours with adding the expenses of selling, buying and delivery. Further, the gold's prices will be determined in United States Dollar and transferred into Kuwaiti Dinar according to the certified exchange rates of Kuwait Central Bank, knowing that the used gold is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in State of Kuwait. Moreover, online shopping shall be available and updated with market demand .where our customer can use our site and apps to inter register and buy in simple secure process.